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Pretty Little Things…

When it comes to food, good things really do come in small packages. At parties I love mini appetizers and desserts and fall victim to their tempestuous appeal. In my mind, I think it’s totally acceptable to have 4 miniature cupcakes/pies but when I am presented with a normal sized cupcake or a slice of pie […]

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In my opinion, no Thanksgiving can go without the classic American dessert, apple pie. I love using the tart and crispy granny smith apples in my recipe, they hold their texture so much better in baking than the red varieties. I also like to mix it up and add fresh cranberries to my apple pies during […]

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Only a little bit…

It seems like everyday I am faced with an important decision: to eat the cupcake/pie/brownie/(insert yummy dessert name here) or not to. Most of the time I spend an unessecary amount of time staring down the offending sweet in hopes my desire will be satisifed by a simple look which is then followed by intense mental negotiating regarding the […]

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