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Ăn nào…

Last night, I was in the mood to try something new for dinner. I wanted something light, easy to prepare, visually pleasing and of course, something yummy. I’ve been craving umami flavors a lot lately, specifically the earthy tastes featured in so many delicious Asian meals, so…I decided to take a crack at making the famous Vietnamese Banh […]

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So fresh and so clean…

On a recent adventure to my local market I was struck with inspiration. I was perusing the fruit section and saw something new, something different then the berries, grapes, and peaches that have been present all summer long. I saw fresh figs, yum! Now, I will admit this, typically if I experience figs it’s usually […]

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I’ve got my big girl pants on …

To me, the ultimate grown up meal to make is roasted chicken. I first starting making this meal over a year ago and every time I take that bird out of the oven I can’t help but beam with pride. The golden crust and moist interior is such an accomplishment to me. I like to […]

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