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Pretty Little Things…

When it comes to food, good things really do come in small packages. At parties I love mini appetizers and desserts and fall victim to their tempestuous appeal. In my mind, I think it’s totally acceptable to have 4 miniature cupcakes/pies but when I am presented with a normal sized cupcake or a slice of pie […]

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A mighty flame followeth a tiny spark…

3 more days and Thanksgiving will be here!  I know most of the emphasis is on the main course and desserts, but let’s not forget about the appetizers, it’s the warm up to the meal. Also let’s be honest, are you ever done cooking by the time you say you will be? I know I’m […]

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Melted goodness…

I love cheese and will devour it in any form it is presented to me: fried cheese, melted cheese, grilled cheese, baked cheese, cheese crumbles…(please excuse my Forrest Gump Bubba moment.) To me cheese is like dairy gold, by far the best dairy product, even better than ice cream. It can be enjoyed with every […]

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