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I’ve got my big girl pants on …

To me, the ultimate grown up meal to make is roasted chicken. I first starting making this meal over a year ago and every time I take that bird out of the oven I can’t help but beam with pride. The golden crust and moist interior is such an accomplishment to me. I like to […]

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Yummy in my tummy…

I love a good sandwich. Quick and easy to construct and the various masterpieces you can come up with are endless. It’s like a blank canvas. You are free to be as creative as you want to be. There is a basic framework to sandwiches that needs to be followed in order to classify your […]

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All in one dish…

Paella is a traditional spanish dish that is absolutely delicious! This warm┬áspiced dish will fragrant your home and fill your belly too! Sadly, I usually don’t eat paella when I’m out because it most often has pork in it :(, but my version is made with chicken and shrimp so no fear fellow poultry/seafood only […]

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