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A healthier Sunday morning…

It’s January and every year at this time I, like many others, tend to jump on the whole “I should be healthier” bandwagon. In January, I start frequenting the gym more, run further and longer, reevaluate my vitamin regimen, try to choose healthier food options when eating out, and try to make healthier dishes at […]

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There is something about traditions…

Every single Thanksgiving morning I make Pumpkin Chocolate Chip pancakes. It’s my way of inaugurating this fantastic holiday filled with indulgence. I feel justified because I really only eat two meals on Thanksgiving anyways, breakfast and dinner (well then seconds and thirds of dinner too, but who’s counting.) 🙂 This recipe should look familiar, as […]

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And on the seventh day He rested…

Throughout the week I seem to have “Everybody’s Working for the Weekend” on repeat in my head. That lyric can’t be more of a true statement for me. For most of us, Sunday is our FUNDAY and it can’t get here soon enough. The day is meant for indulging in the things we love like; not setting […]

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